Attitude 112: Saudade

  • Do you know that feeling when summer arrives, when we are awash with memories and feelings, with the smell of sea air and sunsets? A healthy nostalgia, that comes from the warmth of family Sundays, combining flavours and sharing in that typical Portuguese way. This is our destiny, and the concept of Saudade — or a certain longing — is inherent to it.
  • A mantra that guides us to our very own place. It was in this coming together, and in the celebration of the things that define our sense of belonging, that we sought to bring a hint of what’s happening out there. Through a personal or collective vision, of those who seek to express themselves and who the country has welcomed, in this edition we offer glimpses of some of those things that surround us, but which we don’t always notice. Talents who bring various approaches together, from among the traditions of Portugal on the edge of the ocean, to contemporary approaches amplified by relentless aesthetics.
  • The common thread is creativity and, as Rui Sanches — who is the subject of this edition’s Profile — says, “we believe in the immateriality of flavours, between the lines of recipes, in the emotions written by the firelight that only our mouths can interpret. We value the architecture of the senses, the seasoning provided by the details that enhance the whole flavour of the experience. We have a soul invigorated by a determination to be different, by the adrenaline of challenges and by continuous self-improvement”.
  • Let’s look inwards from the outside and treasure the affirmations of those who represent us, whether in a dish prepared according to tradition, a vase knitted in the Amazon, or spaces made by and for everyone — so that we can be enriched, inspired and connected.
  • We celebrate memories, colours and smells — those retrieved from the depths of the chest —, we bring our choices from Milan and, on our next voyage, other destinations will be waiting for us!
    A journey through nooks and crannies where we invite you to dive in with us, with an eagerness for a change of scenery, so that when you return from your holidays, who knows, you might look at that home you missed with a renewed zest.



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