• Casa Miramar B

    Casa Miramar B

    Volume and grandeur define the type of work undertaken by Serôdio Furtado & Associados architecture office. Located on the seafront, this is a project that challenges the horizon within the comfort and fluidity of the home. 
  • Villa Theatro

    Villa Theatro

    Through the renaissance of an iconic space in the heart of the city of Braga, Villa Theatro emerges, a building designed in 1922, which enhances the heritage of the architect Moura Coutinho, architect of the well-known Theatro Circo building — also on the same avenue — and who provided the inspiration for the name chosen.  
  • Luís Rebelo de Andrade

    Luís Rebelo de Andrade

    Sculpture was his first love, but destiny would have it that he would express himself through architecture. With a deep respect for the landscape and a humility that transpires in everything he does, Luís Rebelos de Andrade describes himself as a man of passions - for art, for architecture and for life. In the year he turns 70, he welcomed us to his new office - which occupies what was formerly the wine cellar of the small palace of the Carbide’s Counts - to talk about his career, about architecture and about the things that lie ahead.  
  • ark38 by Sterck

    ark38 by Sterck

    A historic space embracing a new concept. This is the motto of the ark38 showroom by Sterck, a group specialising in premium bathrooms and kitchens.  


    It was in London that the synergies emerged and the Kallos Turin duo combined the precision of minimalism with a desire to challenge a more reductionist approach to the creation of forms. With residential, cultural and commercial projects to their name, the notes of their extravagance and eccentricity contrast with the simplicity of the architecture of these designers. 
  • Alexander & Co

    Alexander & Co

    They are a working community consisting of architects and designers who believe in the spirit of a place and who create beautiful, timeless spaces with a purpose.
  • Mariana Schmidt

    Mariana Schmidt

    From the fleeting to the permanent, and from São Paulo to the world, MNMA Studio’s approach is rooted in drawing as narrative, and is centred on the subtlety of everyday life and on architecture as a catalyst for experiences. This year, Lisbon will be home to one of its projects, a café/grocery store in Madragoa. 
  • A dive into the deepest Alentejo

    A dive into the deepest Alentejo

    In Grândola, surrounded by the Alentejo province yet emerging from the horizontal landscape, Casa Azul, which embraces an earthy colour, is all about poetry, art and mindfulness. The architectural project is by Ricardo Bak Gordon. 


    Brett Woods and Joseph Dangaran became friends long before they started sharing their studio where, since 2013, they have continued to express their meticulous and integrated vision, using a large team of collaborators to recreate the timeless beauty of Californian modernist houses. Through discipline and a good dose of optimism, the American pair restore the original to contemporary spaces, revealing how architecture can, ultimately, transcend the inexorable power of its locations.
  • The hill over the valley

    The hill over the valley

    When architecture responds in an exemplary way to an idea as poetic as that of a startled child pulling up and covering themselves with their bedsheet. This “hill over the valley” embodies that feeling of protection and cosiness. 
  • Ancestral Renewal

    Ancestral Renewal

    A space nestling in the midst of nature, where the owner is committed to harvesting the fruit planted by previous generations. 
  • Hotel Castello di Reschio

    Hotel Castello di Reschio

    Surrounded as if by an unending natural canvas, dotted with olive groves, vineyards and oak and chestnut woods, it is in the Umbria region, bordering Tuscany, that the Hotel Castello di Reschio rises majestically. 



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