• The hill over the valley

    The hill over the valley

    When architecture responds in an exemplary way to an idea as poetic as that of a startled child pulling up and covering themselves with their bedsheet. This “hill over the valley” embodies that feeling of protection and cosiness. 
  • Ancestral Renewal

    Ancestral Renewal

    A space nestling in the midst of nature, where the owner is committed to harvesting the fruit planted by previous generations. 
  • Hotel Castello di Reschio

    Hotel Castello di Reschio

    Surrounded as if by an unending natural canvas, dotted with olive groves, vineyards and oak and chestnut woods, it is in the Umbria region, bordering Tuscany, that the Hotel Castello di Reschio rises majestically. 
  • Light Contemplation

    Light Contemplation

    Through an accumulation of voids, stories multiply and a space is created “for meditation and balance”, bringing alchemy to modern life. 


    What started out as a "challenge between friends, aiming to bring together different origins, essences and prisms under the umbrella of a common educational background (architecture)", led to the creation of Atelier Data. Now, 15 years later, Marta Frazão, Filipe Rodrigues and Inês Vicente believe that the success of this collective, consisting of a vast team of partners and collaborators, is based on the"contradictions, divergences and diversity in thinking" that the trio applies to solving architectural problems.


    Concealed from prying eyes, but open to those who live in it, this house contains an essential element: the swimming pool. This being the beginning, middle and end of the whole project. 
  • Preserve & Modernise

    Preserve & Modernise

    The historical character of this home required the conservation of some of its aspects, while another – entirely new – part of the home, affirms a distinctive and modern personality. 


    Ricardo Bak Gordon sees the architect as the maestro of an orchestra who, amid moments of certainty and doubt, constantly forges ahead to give the best of himself through this discipline. 


    Wine, land and art are the three reasons we headed for the acclaimed Sonoma County wine region in California. 
  • Casa Um

    Casa Um

    Beyond their Belgian nationality, Bert Jeuris and Ludovic Beun also share a deep passion for Portugal. After numerous trips to the eastern Algarve, the pair decided they had to share this place with the world. 
  • Commodore Perry Estate

    Commodore Perry Estate

    Reminiscences of Europe and the legendary American Roaring Twenties can be detected at the Commodore Perry Estate, one of the latest luxury hideaways brought to us by the Auberge Resorts group. 


    Design, product and furniture design, interior design and architecture. Everything is a process. This is the active method that the Mexican designer Héctor Esrawe applies to his work and to his team of about 50 professionals that includes architects, graphic and industrial designers, engineers and administrative staff. Based in Latin America, the Esrawe studio has been building its projects in different corners of the world. 



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