• Vasco Fragoso Mendes

    Vasco Fragoso Mendes

    In Australia, Vasco Fragoso Mendes combined top-level rugby with architecture. It was here that he found his inner self in a visceral language of architecture, design and carpentry, embodied in objects of profound humanity. 
  • Atelier D'Offard

    Atelier D'Offard

    François-Xavier Richard, founder of Atelier d’Offard, blurs the boundaries between art, design and handicrafts. A polymorphous craftsman, a revolutionary with a scientific and artistic background, he has been busy reinventing the meaning of wallpaper, the mirror of a universal aesthetic.  
  • Neeltje de Vries

    Neeltje de Vries

    Ever since she was a child, she has tried to find organisation in her surroundings, like a sensory balance that fluctuates according to her mood. And it is in the ambience that surrounds her that her creativity as a photographer is stimulated, where she sees colours and speaks in images, using a unique language where she explores the power of women, as a reflection of her own knowledge and self-love. 
  • Atelier HA

    Atelier HA

    They met while they were students at the École Camondo and, even then, they had mapped out a future together; they wanted to start an atelier and create projects that told stories.  
  • Studio Andrew Trotter

    Studio Andrew Trotter

    The focus of his ideas is to be found in simplicity and his great inspiration is to be found in a setting. But this isn’t minimalism, Andrew Trotter tells us, it’s more like a relaxed way of living, warmer and more human, in projects which are mostly born from the interior to the exterior and from their essence to their appearance.  
  • Rina Lovko

    Rina Lovko

    Rina Lovko is the mastermind behind her eponymous studio. Creative director, designer and lead architect, her approach to design is rooted in the aesthetics of minimalism, organic forms and natural colours, combining conciseness when creating harmonious and functional spaces, realising the balance of the elements. The alignment of simplicity and complexity is the key to her work, represented in multiple projects and ambiences.
  • Luís Rebelo de Andrade

    Luís Rebelo de Andrade

    Sculpture was his first love, but destiny would have it that he would express himself through architecture. With a deep respect for the landscape and a humility that transpires in everything he does, Luís Rebelos de Andrade describes himself as a man of passions - for art, for architecture and for life. In the year he turns 70, he welcomed us to his new office - which occupies what was formerly the wine cellar of the small palace of the Carbide’s Counts - to talk about his career, about architecture and about the things that lie ahead.  


    After 40 years of conceiving homes for a vast American elite, Anthony Ingrao and Randy Kemper continue to reawaken the awe that we feel when we first look at their projects. 


    At first glance, an apparent coldness might define the work of the David/Nicolas duo. But one must look deeper – deconstructing their memories and passions before contemplating the retro-futuristic beauty that permeates each of their spaces and objects, articulated in an unusually harmonious way. 
  • Agnes Studio

    Agnes Studio

    Founded in 2017 by Estefania de Ros and Gustavo Quintana-Kennedy, Agnes Studio simultaneously explores, pays tribute to and challenges the limits of traditional craft methods. The creative pair base their practice on creating objects somewhere between art and design. 
  • Niepoort N Collectors

    Niepoort N Collectors

    “Rolf and The Collectors is a tribute to Dirk’s father who was a fantastic collector: he collected corkscrews, keys, typewriters, stamps, and so on.” 


    She has already created unique pieces for Hermès, Perrier-Jouët, Dior and Valextra, and, even today, she continues to make art the main purpose behind embracing multiculturalism. Bethan Laura Wood is a designer, collector and observer by nature, she devotes herself to each new collaboration with the same intensity as she does to wherever she travels. 



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