• Sussurro


    Inaugurated in January, Sussurro is the result of the unique combination of the backgrounds of its founding partners. We’re talking about design, in the case of Sarah Birkett and conservation, in the case of Adam Humphreys. 
  • Tropical retreat

    Tropical retreat

    When the landscape speaks for itself and all that remains is to weave a comfortable and serene housing plan.  
  • Body and soul

    Body and soul

    There can be no greater harmony than when art becomes intertwined with life without ever becoming matter, simply an essential condition for our transformation. 
  • Térmita


    It was towards the end of 2020 that Hugo Brito and Miguel Seabra decided to inaugurate Térmita. 
  • The Lake House on Canandaigua

    The Lake House on Canandaigua

    It is in the scenic landscape of Finger Lakes, a cluster of eleven lakes, in the New York State, that we discover the hotel called The Lake House on Canandaigua.  


    It’s in the pre-existing identity, in perfect synthesis with the present century, that the owners of this small palace found a space to live. 
  • The Gladstone

    The Gladstone

    It’s near the Estrela gardens, in this charming Lisbon neighbourhood, that we discover the city’s latest club, a discreet and welcoming space that invites us to apply the brakes to our daily rhythm, transporting us to warm summer days. 
  • The Maker

    The Maker

    Away from the hectic pace of Manhattan, in the centre of historic Hudson in New York State, we find a place that is evocative of home, distant times and different geographies. 


    Design, product and furniture design, interior design and architecture. Everything is a process. This is the active method that the Mexican designer Héctor Esrawe applies to his work and to his team of about 50 professionals that includes architects, graphic and industrial designers, engineers and administrative staff. Based in Latin America, the Esrawe studio has been building its projects in different corners of the world. 


    From its base to its interior composition, José Luís Barbosa has designed a house that could provide a city refuge for artists, designers, poets and philosophers. 
  • Brotéria


    It’s with the sound of traditional Portuguese mosaic paving underfoot that we arrive at this “meeting-point for different realities”. 
  • Sisan Hupao 1934

    Sisan Hupao 1934

    It was in 1934 that a distinctive villa started to be built in Hangzhou, China. This place was to be, at different points, the home of an American embassy and a Chinese bank. 



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