• One&Only Mandarina

    One&Only Mandarina

    Bathed by the Pacific Ocean, nestled in a tropical rainforest and framed by volcanic mountains, One&Only Mandarina is an ode to nature, designed as an open-air sanctuary and a celebration of Mexico’s cultural heritage. 
  • Spring Announced

    Spring Announced

    The famous Pink House, built in 1826, was, for some of its life, one of the most inspiring venues in Greenwich Village, bringing together personalities from the arts and New York high society. Today, the pink colour of the façade has given way to a glowing ochre, ushering in a glorious new life. 
  • Calm in the midst of commotion

    Calm in the midst of commotion

    This pied-à-terre is found in the Chiado, one of Lisbon’s busiest areas. An apartment in a renovated 18th-century building, minimalist in style, with Nordic influences and plenty of eye-catching pieces. An apartment to come home to.  
  • Monte da Palmeira

    Monte da Palmeira

    Whatever the season, Monte da Palmeira oozes tranquillity and comfort in the rustic heart of an Algarve we never want to see changed. 


    After 40 years of conceiving homes for a vast American elite, Anthony Ingrao and Randy Kemper continue to reawaken the awe that we feel when we first look at their projects. 
  • Celebrating Life

    Celebrating Life

    Glamour, respect and sensibility. Jean-Philippe Demeyer has mastered them all and even added his own theatricality. The result is anything but dull. 
  • Ace Hotel Toronto

    Ace Hotel Toronto

    A great deal has already been said about the Ace Hotel Toronto, an establishment that opened in June 2022 marking the debut of this hotel chain in Canada. Located right in the heart of the historic Garment District, the new building was designed by the award-winning Shim-Sutcliffe Architects and reveals the vision of Atelier Ace’s interior design team. 
  • Serene Philanthropy

    Serene Philanthropy

    A house used to offering hospitality out of a love of humanity, but which is also a home where the family always comes first. The result is a powerful visual statement, where serenity, functionality, sophistication and art are paramount. 
  • Living In A Poem

    Living In A Poem

    Ana has nature engrained in her life and happiness emblazoned on her face. In a house composed of dreams and curiosities, she has made beauty ring out in unison. Poetry is also written without words.  
  • Alexander & Co

    Alexander & Co

    They are a working community consisting of architects and designers who believe in the spirit of a place and who create beautiful, timeless spaces with a purpose.
  • Embracing Memory

    Embracing Memory

    Touchingly, Meinke Flesseman gives her recent home the family name of the former owners of Palacete Belchior. 
  • Antologia


    With Antologia, art comes home through colour.



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