• Saint James Paris

    Saint James Paris

    Embedded in the distinguished fabric of Paris’ 16th arrondissement, the neoclassical beauty of the building built in 1892 – erstwhile home of Louis Adolphe Thiers, then a gentlemen’s club, and later turned hotel in 1991 – has now seen its story once again reinvented, only this time through the language of Laura Gonzalez. 
  • Kisawa


    Kisawa means unbreakable and it’s that kind of connection that this sanctuary – extending over 300 hectares of forest, dunes and beach on the southern tip of Benguerra island, in Mozambique – wants to build between the people and the place, life and the land. 
  • Hotel Castello di Reschio

    Hotel Castello di Reschio

    Surrounded as if by an unending natural canvas, dotted with olive groves, vineyards and oak and chestnut woods, it is in the Umbria region, bordering Tuscany, that the Hotel Castello di Reschio rises majestically. 
  • The Ivens Hotel & Rocco Ristorante

    The Ivens Hotel & Rocco Ristorante

    Immersed in the art of "creating ambience, invoking emotions and transforming states of mind", The Ivens hotel can be found on the intersection of two emblematic Lisbon streets, Rua Ivens and Rua Capelo. 


    "Menorca has so many stories to tell beyond the beach." This is how Cristina Lozano begins the conversation, which sounds rather like an adage, on a sunny morning in Mahón. 
  • NoMad London

    NoMad London

    A new romantic era, proclaiming ethereal murals and powerful aesthetics grounded in a bohemian style, can be found in central London, in the historic building once home to Bow Street Magistrates’ Court and Police Station. 
  • Commodore Perry Estate

    Commodore Perry Estate

    Reminiscences of Europe and the legendary American Roaring Twenties can be detected at the Commodore Perry Estate, one of the latest luxury hideaways brought to us by the Auberge Resorts group. 
  • Sussurro


    Inaugurated in January, Sussurro is the result of the unique combination of the backgrounds of its founding partners. We’re talking about design, in the case of Sarah Birkett and conservation, in the case of Adam Humphreys. 
  • The Lake House on Canandaigua

    The Lake House on Canandaigua

    It is in the scenic landscape of Finger Lakes, a cluster of eleven lakes, in the New York State, that we discover the hotel called The Lake House on Canandaigua.  
  • The Maker

    The Maker

    Away from the hectic pace of Manhattan, in the centre of historic Hudson in New York State, we find a place that is evocative of home, distant times and different geographies. 
  • Sisan Hupao 1934

    Sisan Hupao 1934

    It was in 1934 that a distinctive villa started to be built in Hangzhou, China. This place was to be, at different points, the home of an American embassy and a Chinese bank. 


    Arriving on the most mountainous island in the Azores archipelago, we are taken aback by the stunning colours of nature, a flora that rises from the volcanic ashes and moves us at every glance.  



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