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  • Modernism for Living

    Modernism for Living

    This contemporary house, located in Australia, is inspired by the modernist architecture of Los Angeles, particularly the legendary Stahl house (by Pierre Koening), the Schindler house (by Rudolph M. Schindler), and the Sheats-Goldstein residence (by John Lautner). 
  • Welcoming summer

    Welcoming summer

    JYSK's wide range of lounge sets, which combine elegant design with practical solutions, are the perfect choice for welcoming summer.  
  • Patrimony Heritage

    Patrimony Heritage

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Patrimony collection, the Vacheron Constantin Boutique on Av. da Liberdade in Lisbon is hosting the Patrimony Heritage exhibition. 
  • Dallas Home

    Dallas Home

    This modernist house, a unique blend of 1970s architecture and contemporary design, is a treasure trove of impressive design pieces by renowned artists such as Faye Toogood, Jojo Corvaia, Oscar Niemeyer, and Jorge Zalszupin. The walls are adorned with works of art by Joaquim Tenreiro and Sol LeWitt, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.  
  • A cosy outdoor oasis

    A cosy outdoor oasis

     JYSK's outdoor collection celebrates outdoor life, combining design with functionality and responding to different needs and styles.
  • Volver


    An intervention that emphasises contemporaneity without forgetting history. 

To Discover in The Printed Issue

  • Beautiful Nature

    Beautiful Nature

    This home in Denmark is an inner journey, like a warm embrace, as unique as the hands that shaped it, expressing the stories of those who live in it and then recounted by Alexandra Novo.  
  • Anest Collective

    Anest Collective

    The new Anest Collective store — a project designed by Waterfrom Design — embodies refinement and simplicity, a groundbreaking union between fashion, art and architecture. 
  • Descanso


    Contemporary artist and video director Iván Argote of Colombian origin but based in Paris presents a provocative work at the biennale gardens that leads us to reflect on this curatorial line proposed for the most recognized biennale in the art world.  

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