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  • Haute Artisant Exhibition

    Haute Artisant Exhibition

    We went to see the magnificent exhibition held by Patek Philippe at its Geneva store/headquarters on April 11 to celebrate the 2024 Watches and Wonders fair taking place in the city this week.  
  • Eva Hendriks

    Eva Hendriks

    Interacting with their surroundings and changing with natural light, her minimalist works of art play with strength and fragility.  
  • Restelo 33

    Restelo 33

    Perched in the heart of Lisbon, this flat is a privileged oasis, nestled between the majestic Rio Tejo and the serene Monsanto forest. 
  • A Compact London Pied-à-Terre

    A Compact London Pied-à-Terre

    A small but exquisite flat in London, where every corner is optimised with space-saving solutions.  
  • Santa Ynez Valley Home

    Santa Ynez Valley Home

    This ranch-style house is a unique blend of sophistication and charm, located in California's picturesque Los Olivos wine region. Nestled amidst serene vineyards, it offers a tranquil escape just three hours away from the bustling city of Los Angeles.  
  • Rolex & Cinema

    Rolex & Cinema

    Rolex's enduring bond with the world of cinema spans many decades. The brand's timepieces have graced the wrists of iconic characters in many films, including numerous Oscar®-winning masterpieces.  

To Discover in The Printed Issue

  • Atelier D'Offard

    Atelier D'Offard

    François-Xavier Richard, founder of Atelier d’Offard, blurs the boundaries between art, design and handicrafts. A polymorphous craftsman, a revolutionary with a scientific and artistic background, he has been busy reinventing the meaning of wallpaper, the mirror of a universal aesthetic.  
  • Neeltje de Vries

    Neeltje de Vries

    Ever since she was a child, she has tried to find organisation in her surroundings, like a sensory balance that fluctuates according to her mood. And it is in the ambience that surrounds her that her creativity as a photographer is stimulated, where she sees colours and speaks in images, using a unique language where she explores the power of women, as a reflection of her own knowledge and self-love. 
  • Ode To The Past

    Ode To The Past

    Samuel and Catherine Roger had looked around many different places until they stumbled on the setting that would change their lives: a long avenue revealing a sumptuous façade that struck them as something of a solar epiphany. 

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