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  • Brotéria


    It’s with the sound of traditional Portuguese mosaic paving underfoot that we arrive at this “meeting-point for different realities”. 
  • Sisan Hupao 1934

    Sisan Hupao 1934

    It was in 1934 that a distinctive villa started to be built in Hangzhou, China. This place was to be, at different points, the home of an American embassy and a Chinese bank. 
  • Palazzo Daniele

    Palazzo Daniele

    “Questa casa non è un albergo” (This house is not a hotel). This statement, which also doubles as an installation occupying one of the walls of Palazzo Daniele, reminds us that this boutique hotel located in Gagliano del Capo, in southern Italy, was designed to provide an experience. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba (Palomba Serafini Associati), the architects responsible for transforming this 19th century aristocratic building, emphasise the idea, acknowledging that “it was paramount to design the experience above all”. 

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