• Po Valley Mansion

    Po Valley Mansion

    Po Valley Mansion is eponymously named after the vast valley in which it lies. The old manor house is nestled in low lying parklands that are peppered with ancient trees.  
  • World Design Rankings 2021

    World Design Rankings 2021

    The WDR is to design what the Olympics are to sport and it's always a high point when the list of countries is announced. That time has finally arrived, with the A’Design Award & Competition publishing the 2021 World Design Rankings list. China is again at the top and Portugal moves up one position, now occupying 11th place in a list with 114 countries represented. 
  • Cedarwood Apartment

    Cedarwood Apartment

    This apartment is located on the second floor in a five-story stalinka* building in the Lukyanivska neighborhood in Kyiv. Despite a quite small area, the apartment seems roomy and airy. 


    Vibia, recognized lighting brand based in Barcelona, presents a collection of lamps that promises to transform any space. 
  • Huanyu Art Center

    Huanyu Art Center

    "In the past Jinan, the spring water was gurgling all day long, and the flowing image permeated into the sense of hearing and consciousness, which softened the mood of the whole city."  
  • Casa d'Poço

    Casa d'Poço

    Located in the historic district of Sao Vicente's capital, Mindelo, a mixed-use building holds artistic and social subtexts in its form, and recognizes the variety and needs of its neighboorhood.  
  • Apartment in Kazan

    Apartment in Kazan

    "The project began with the fact that I tried to squeeze the maximum out of, in my opinion, an extremely unsuccessful layout, keeping splendor on one hand, and privacy on the other. Therefore, I completely redid the layout. In addition to having a large wardrobe, the customer did not express any other wishes." 
  • Barra da Tijuca Apartment

    Barra da Tijuca Apartment

    Located in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil, the project was designed for a young couple who live a very busy life. 
  • Magnolia Hill

    Magnolia Hill

    Where a former gas station once operated, there is now a multi-family building, with 19 apartments, totally designed to improve the quality of life of those who live there. 
  • RYB Apartment - Kyiv

    RYB Apartment - Kyiv

    "This place designed to accommodate the needs and emotions of the user, becoming the environment for various scenarios of everyday life."


    Com a ajuda da SIEMENS, pense nas melhores soluções para o seu espaço e saiba como aplicar os três passos básicos do planemento da sua cozinha.
  • Vitra Originals & Their Stories

    Vitra Originals & Their Stories

    From the 22nd to the 26th of November, Lisbon will host a talks cycle with the theme “Vitra Originals & Their Stories”.



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