• Dallas Home

    Dallas Home

    This modernist house, a unique blend of 1970s architecture and contemporary design, is a treasure trove of impressive design pieces by renowned artists such as Faye Toogood, Jojo Corvaia, Oscar Niemeyer, and Jorge Zalszupin. The walls are adorned with works of art by Joaquim Tenreiro and Sol LeWitt, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.  
  • The Good Life Outdoors

    The Good Life Outdoors

    In pursuing happiness, we often find ourselves longing for the little things in life: a ray of sunshine caressing our skin, the breeze rustling the trees, the comforting sound of the ocean waves. In these moments of connection with nature, we discover the true meaning of the good life.  
  • Carmencita Film Lab

    Carmencita Film Lab

    Paloma Bau is the creative force behind the interior design of Carmencita Film Lab's new space. Carmencita Film Lab is a leading company in developing and digitising analogue photography.  
  • Eva Hendriks

    Eva Hendriks

    Interacting with their surroundings and changing with natural light, her minimalist works of art play with strength and fragility.  
  • A Compact London Pied-à-Terre

    A Compact London Pied-à-Terre

    A small but exquisite flat in London, where every corner is optimised with space-saving solutions.  
  • Rolex & Cinema

    Rolex & Cinema

    Rolex's enduring bond with the world of cinema spans many decades. The brand's timepieces have graced the wrists of iconic characters in many films, including numerous Oscar®-winning masterpieces.  
  • The Bust'n B Ranch

    The Bust'n B Ranch

    This house offers a serene, spa-like environment, surrounded by the imposing landscape of the Mojave Desert.  
  • Contemporaneity and Sophistication

    Contemporaneity and Sophistication

    With its youthful yet sophisticated vibe, this flat is the perfect example of how to introduce personality into a space. 
  • Kave Home

    Kave Home

    The furniture and decoration brand Kave Home has presented the Outdoor 2024 collection, which focuses on outdoor pieces inspired by the purity of lines and functional design. 
  • Hudson Home

    Hudson Home

    Located in Hudson, one of New York's most charming and historic locations, this Italian house dating back to 1900 has been completely renovated.  
  • Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy<br />

    Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy

    Opened on 7 February 2024, Vipp Cold Hawaii, Thy is the latest in a growing portfolio of signature guesthouses from Danish design brand Vipp.  
  • Caymus-Suisun Winery

    Caymus-Suisun Winery

    In this new winery, where the artistically inspired architecture and more than 30 customised pieces by contemporary artists give rise to a unique tasting experience, visitors are invited to taste the wines in tasting rooms that reflect the vibrant colours of the vineyard. 



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