• Brac Bookstore

    Brac Bookstore

    The architecture studio DEFERRARI+MODESTI, responsible for the design and interiors identity of the Brac bookshop in 2009 and its restructuring in 2016, has recently completed the expansion project necessary to accommodate the growing public and the rich calendar of events and presentations that the bookstore welcomes. 
  • Apulia House

    Apulia House

    In 2021, Studio Blu began to implement this project in Apulia (Apulia in Italian), carrying out the architectural renovation and restoration of the outdoor spaces of a "trullo", the traditional stone hut with a conical roof, typical of that region. 


    Located in Tianmu, Taipei, the second-floor residence faces the Southern Sulfur creek view, the wide floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces bring the flowing four seasons to the users, and the space surrounded by nature is a rare rest in the city.
  • Catskills Cottage

    Catskills Cottage

    After ten years of frequent hiking in the Catskill Mountains, a Manhattan family of four found the perfect spot for a nature getaway. 
  • Casa Del Berro

    Casa Del Berro

    A single-family house in a historic district of Madrid; a very detailed work where the studio JIMÉNEZ & LINARES put into practice one of its maxims: looking in the past to build the future. 
  • O Lofos

    O Lofos

    The green and wild landscape of Crete and the richness and heritage of traditional craftsmanship define Block722's new, totally contemporary residential project – “O Lofos.” 
  • Modest Yet Mesmerizing

    Modest Yet Mesmerizing

    This property, a vibrant and lively home of five, belongs to a hi-tech professional couple and their three grown children. Despite the narrow and relatively small 244 sqm plot, the owners managed to build their dream home, which features stunning swimming pool. 
  • Wagner’s Fables

    Wagner’s Fables

    The German writer Goethe once praised the experience of architecture: "Architecture is frozen music."
  • La Masseria Belvedere

    La Masseria Belvedere

    The Valari firm has recently finished a requalification project of Masseria Belvedere, a large 1600s farm in Contrada Belvedere, in Carovigno, in the d’Itria Valley. 
  • A’Design Award Winners

    A’Design Award Winners

    From interior design to architecture and other categories such as furniture, packaging or product design, A'Design Award aims to recognize the most innovative projects from designers, architects or artists. 


    A house that turns protection into a strategy, that keeps spaces together, as a sequence of microcosms. 
  • Two apartments nearby Beirut port

    Two apartments nearby Beirut port

    Karim Nader Studio has recently completed two apartments in the port of Beirut. They both speak to his dedication to acts of reprise in sites scarred by destruction. 



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