• Mariana Schmidt

    Mariana Schmidt

    From the fleeting to the permanent, and from São Paulo to the world, MNMA Studio’s approach is rooted in drawing as narrative, and is centred on the subtlety of everyday life and on architecture as a catalyst for experiences. This year, Lisbon will be home to one of its projects, a café/grocery store in Madragoa. 
  • Smith Hanes

    Smith Hanes

    With two decades of experience in the world of design and architecture, Smith Hanes continues to bring a certain romanticism to bear, restoring an old-fashioned spirit to private and commercial spaces in the USA. 
  • YSG Studio

    YSG Studio

    Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem lends her name to the YSG Studio, an interior design office based on instinctive, vibrant and rebellious creativity. Despite being a young studio, the quality and magnetic dynamism of YSG Studio’s work is already much admired and has attracted multiple international awards. 
  • Bambini


    In the spirit of the dolce vita, the Paris Society’s latest location offers an invitation to immerse ourselves in a theatrical setting from different eras, envisioned by the Friedmann & Versace duo.  
  • Fusion Design

    Fusion Design

    Located in Poland, the modernist context of this apartment, among other things, provided the springboard for this project; Zuza and Piotr Paradowski also added colours and rounded forms from the latter half of the 20th Century. 


    She has already created unique pieces for Hermès, Perrier-Jouët, Dior and Valextra, and, even today, she continues to make art the main purpose behind embracing multiculturalism. Bethan Laura Wood is a designer, collector and observer by nature, she devotes herself to each new collaboration with the same intensity as she does to wherever she travels. 
  • A New Athens

    A New Athens

    Émilie Bonaventure, a graduate in Art History from the École du Louvre in Paris and passionate about the different eras of objects, embarked on a voyage into the world of interior design and decoration in 2005 – the year that she set up her studio. 
  • Kisawa


    Kisawa means unbreakable and it’s that kind of connection that this sanctuary – extending over 300 hectares of forest, dunes and beach on the southern tip of Benguerra island, in Mozambique – wants to build between the people and the place, life and the land. 


    Established in the regenerated Seongsu-dong district of South Korea, Gurum Lee and Woosung Jung invite us to reflect on the transformational power of plants in our daily lives. 
  • Light Contemplation

    Light Contemplation

    Through an accumulation of voids, stories multiply and a space is created “for meditation and balance”, bringing alchemy to modern life. 


    Combining a discerning eye with tremendous curiosity, not to mention a healthy dose of humour and unpredictability, David Flack turns each new challenge into "a blank canvas for emotion and human exploration", dividing his time between the residential, commercial and furniture design worlds. 
  • Louise Roe

    Louise Roe

    Organic materials and well-chosen tones contribute sculptural and architectural values to the work of Louise Roe. Sophistication and simplicity, combined with a modern avant-garde approach, characterise the collections of the brand that bears the designer's name. 



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