At first glance, an apparent coldness might define the work of the David/Nicolas duo. But one must look deeper – deconstructing their memories and passions before contemplating the retro-futuristic beauty that permeates each of their spaces and objects, articulated in an unusually harmonious way. 
  • Celebrating Life

    Celebrating Life

    Glamour, respect and sensibility. Jean-Philippe Demeyer has mastered them all and even added his own theatricality. The result is anything but dull. 
  • Ace Hotel Toronto

    Ace Hotel Toronto

    A great deal has already been said about the Ace Hotel Toronto, an establishment that opened in June 2022 marking the debut of this hotel chain in Canada. Located right in the heart of the historic Garment District, the new building was designed by the award-winning Shim-Sutcliffe Architects and reveals the vision of Atelier Ace’s interior design team. 
  • Serene Philanthropy

    Serene Philanthropy

    A house used to offering hospitality out of a love of humanity, but which is also a home where the family always comes first. The result is a powerful visual statement, where serenity, functionality, sophistication and art are paramount. 
  • Agnes Studio

    Agnes Studio

    Founded in 2017 by Estefania de Ros and Gustavo Quintana-Kennedy, Agnes Studio simultaneously explores, pays tribute to and challenges the limits of traditional craft methods. The creative pair base their practice on creating objects somewhere between art and design. 
  • Alexander & Co

    Alexander & Co

    They are a working community consisting of architects and designers who believe in the spirit of a place and who create beautiful, timeless spaces with a purpose.


    “We use technology to understand the principles of nature and to recreate the way it makes us feel. This is the only way we can change our behaviour.” 
  • Mariana Schmidt

    Mariana Schmidt

    From the fleeting to the permanent, and from São Paulo to the world, MNMA Studio’s approach is rooted in drawing as narrative, and is centred on the subtlety of everyday life and on architecture as a catalyst for experiences. This year, Lisbon will be home to one of its projects, a café/grocery store in Madragoa. 
  • Smith Hanes

    Smith Hanes

    With two decades of experience in the world of design and architecture, Smith Hanes continues to bring a certain romanticism to bear, restoring an old-fashioned spirit to private and commercial spaces in the USA. 
  • YSG Studio

    YSG Studio

    Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem lends her name to the YSG Studio, an interior design office based on instinctive, vibrant and rebellious creativity. Despite being a young studio, the quality and magnetic dynamism of YSG Studio’s work is already much admired and has attracted multiple international awards. 
  • Bambini


    In the spirit of the dolce vita, the Paris Society’s latest location offers an invitation to immerse ourselves in a theatrical setting from different eras, envisioned by the Friedmann & Versace duo.  
  • Fusion Design

    Fusion Design

    Located in Poland, the modernist context of this apartment, among other things, provided the springboard for this project; Zuza and Piotr Paradowski also added colours and rounded forms from the latter half of the 20th Century. 



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