Attitude 108: Twist

  • There’s a good chance that the chorus Come on, let’s twist again like we did last summer came to mind as soon as you saw the theme of this issue. Perhaps our unconscious was already longing for a little dance, but we can’t find a better way to describe the diversity of stories and projects that are featured in the following pages.
  • In an issue as rich in images as it is diverse in editorial content, we once again find ourselves falling in love with handicrafts, delving into unconventional hotels and restaurants and taking a fresh look at the future of design, “more technological but no less human and emotional”, according to the founders of the Drift studio, who are responsible for many multimedia installations that have transformed art spaces all over the world.
  • From restaurants as venues for artistic performances to wine cellars that host secret gatherings, as well as fabulous farms and convents that have been converted into hotels, get ready to discover places that are rarely mentioned on mainstream circuits, but which nevertheless lend a voice to the soul and the people of their region. For all readers who are keen on a stimulating cultural itinerary, even when travelling for leisure, we offer two suggestions: the Alvar Aalto house in Helsinki, and the Factum foundation in Madrid, both outstanding in their approach to reviving our heritage and anticipating the future of contemporary art and design.
  • Curiously, it was after interviewing Ana Lapão about her house in Degracias, that I would end up reflecting more deeply on the purpose of a notably eclectic and inebriating edition. The way Ana spoke about the physalis she harvests every day, the collection of cages that she lovingly amasses, the tailor’s cutting table she salvaged and even the contented mornings that add meaning to her days were proof enough to confirm an idea we have long been advocating – that the cosiness of a house will always prevail over its period, size or opulence. Discovering the memories and passions of those who live in it is the most effective way of experiencing that place.
  • And it is precisely this unexpected twist – this celebration of a register unlike any other – that continues to make us sigh, smile, take a second glance and thrill us. Fortunately, the pages ahead are brimming with such moments, but if you still need a good reason for joining in the fun, follow in Mood’s footsteps, get dressed up and turn up the music. Come on twist again, twistin’ time is here!



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