Attitude 111: Performance

  • We twist and turn through life, along the streets of thoughts and the lanes of memories. And this edition reminds us of precisely that. That life is to be lived and shared, and art is created to be savoured, in the warmth of the houses that receive us, and through the creativity of those who reveal their most intimate facets to us.
  • A visual choreography — which you can read and enjoy over the following pages — like an unrepeatable Performance. This is, in itself, an act of maximum expression in which anything might happen, a public exhibition between movement and attitude; it is a living presentation of art, in its varied forms.
  • And it is exactly with this concept that our edition is based, presented as a set of works of art, of scenic representations, with a selection of works and personalities, in a dance of content that marks the beginning of this month.
  • From the warmth that can already be felt, to the suggestions of Art, with part of the artistic scene between Portugal and its brother-country, Brazil, to the choice of brutalist buildings that haven’t been frozen in time, we have searched for distinct personalities, with a performative character. Almost like a diary, as for example in Profile — a section we started this year — and whose highlighted profile requires no introduction: the architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade (page 42); to the voluptuous silhouettes of the art and techniques of producing a hat, where image thrives on movement within a unique setting.
  • We travelled the country to discover the best of Portuguese ceramics and in Copenhagen we celebrated the 150 years of Fritz Hansen. And, to whet your curiosity, in the next edition we’ll be bringing you a glimpse of the Milan Furniture Show and a little taste of the 10th anniversary celebration of the 3 Days of Design 2023 festival, taking place in Copenhagen next June.
    And so, let this journey of artistic languages begin, in an unique interpretation, for you to relish while lounging on a warm outdoor terrace — which we all fully deserve!



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