Attitude 106: Pop

  • Apart from the itinerary of destinations and summer houses you would normally expect from us, it is with particular enthusiasm that we deliver into your hands what has probably been one of our most intrepid editorial adventures in recent times.
  • Exuberant colours, rich textures and a broad repertoire of objects and languages define many of the stories we share in this issue. This is an edition full of maximalist projects, notable both for their exotic nature and for their more artistic and theatrical register, readily identifiable in the work of Sig Bergamin, Katharina Grosse and the Brazilian architect Juliana Vasconcellos, all of whom have successfully blended music, art, colour and functionality in each of their pieces and homes.
  • And of course, all this is only possible thanks to the similarly bold visual identity of our magazine, an approach that has been gathering strength from edition to edition, and which precisely seeks to promote a greater formal and conceptual coherence, constantly striving to enhance our readers’ experience.
  • In our next issue we promise to bring you some of the latest news from Milan and Copenhagen, but for the time being, we invite you to take a look at the extended Global Report section, where we present some of the highlights of the Saint-Étienne Biennale, as well as our recent trip to Madrid and Barcelona invited by the Rockwell Group, offering a precious opportunity to delve behind the scenes of the renowned American practice.
  • Whether between dips in the water, leisurely meals or walks through nature, seize the opportunity to rediscover new ideas and references, to the sound of the refreshing music playlist we suggest for this summer. These are the kind of moments, of pure happiness, that we are determined to continue sharing – not only during the long, hot days of this season, but especially on all the others.



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