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    I met Dagoberto when we were preparing the exhibition he was about to inaugurate in Lisbon in 2017. At the time, he was part of the artists’ collective that went by the name Los Carpinteros, a duo that worked together for more than 25 years, achieving considerable international reputation. 
  • The hill over the valley

    The hill over the valley

    When architecture responds in an exemplary way to an idea as poetic as that of a startled child pulling up and covering themselves with their bedsheet. This “hill over the valley” embodies that feeling of protection and cosiness. 
  • Kisawa


    Kisawa means unbreakable and it’s that kind of connection that this sanctuary – extending over 300 hectares of forest, dunes and beach on the southern tip of Benguerra island, in Mozambique – wants to build between the people and the place, life and the land. 

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