Featured Stories

  • Home office

    Home office

    With the rise of working from home, the configuration of domestic spaces needs to be revised. 
  • IK Woa Apartment

    IK Woa Apartment

    This 300m2 apartment at Beira Mar in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, is distinguished by its natural elements and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Vancouver Home

    Vancouver Home

    "This house is a combination of inspiration from books I grew up with sitting on my Dad’s drafting room table”  
  • Playwood


    Scandinavian style has become relevant in interior design around the world for years. Playwood, a two-story apartment with an area of 83 m2 located in Sofievskaya Borshagovka, is just one more example of this trend. 
  • Margres Architecture Award

    Margres Architecture Award

    A marca Margres acabou de lançar mais uma edição do Margres Architecture Award. O processo de submissão é todo online e o vencedor receberá um prémio monetário de 10.000 euros. 
  • Troviscal House

    Troviscal House

    "Troviscal village still has a rural character. 
The existing houses, generally isolated, and very often with a single-storey structure, reveal the agricultural fields." 

To Discover in The Printed Issue

  • Body and soul

    Body and soul

    There can be no greater harmony than when art becomes intertwined with life without ever becoming matter, simply an essential condition for our transformation. 
  • Térmita


    It was towards the end of 2020 that Hugo Brito and Miguel Seabra decided to inaugurate Térmita. 
  • Blind


    Just a year after the inauguration of Torel Palace Porto, located within Palacete Campos Navarro, the most audacious gastronomic project undertaken by the Torel Boutiques group is born, a sensorial journey where our palate and emotions take centre stage. 

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