• Trunk House

    Tokyo, Japan


22 / 11 / 2019
It’s in the historical Kagurazaka neighbourhood, known as “Little Kyoto in Tokyo”, in Japan, that the boutique hotel Trunk House has recently been inaugurated, a discreet yet refined establishment, which is the outcome of the refurbishment of a traditional geisha house, inspired by the city’s traditional training halls. Referred to as a home by its owners – a hotel group that already owns Trunk Hotel – the idea is to offer more private and personalised experience of accommodation. In fact, guests enjoying this ambience will be transported to the residential lifestyle of this city.

Designed by the company’s own design team in collaboration with the Tripster interior design studio, the hotel has just one bedroom, complemented by a living room and a cosy interior garden, dining room and kitchen, tea room, bathroom areas, a mini-disco (in fact, the smallest in Japan) and a series of courtesies that further enhance the concept of this space.

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For more information, visit Trunk House website.
Images: Tomooki Kengaku Photography
Words: Diana Neves de Carvalho 

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