Attitude 97: Timeless

  • Rejecting the logic of immediatism, which so often consumes us with fleeting trends that succeed in distracting us from what truly matters, we celebrate the beginning of a new year with a collective wish: to regain that much longed-for ‘normality’, without ever disregarding all the most important things we have discovered during these days of such unusual circumstances and unpredictability.
  • This has provided the impetus for a foray into timeless physical and mental landscapes, inspiring us to explore projects that seduce us with their power to materialise experiences rather than mere moments or occasions. Whether through the encounter between the new and the old, the fusion between the classic and contemporary, artistic diversity, local resources, artisan production, tradition and innovation are some of the ingredients common to a formula that is capable of resisting the test of time, exploring unique creative spheres that encourage us to enjoy to the full the days we have recently lived through.
  • From the impressive work of Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, a Portuguese craftsman living in London dedicated to the restoration of old pigments, to the most recent project by Singaporean designer Gabriel Tan, whose efforts pay tribute to contemporary design and Portuguese industry, we have also taken a new look at traditional consumer habits, a challenge that JAK Shoes has been taking on as it counteracts the habitually seasonal nature associated with fashion. All are fitting examples that ultimately express the intentions of an edition filled with timeless stories, capable of reconciling different eras and cultures, without ever overlooking their perennial beauty.
  • Inspired by an untiring urge to lend voice to national and international creatives, and seeking to promote, as enthusiastically as possible, the work of rising talents, this is our way of greeting 2021, upholding a commitment we have embraced from the outset: to make Attitude a unique and collectable object, offering relevant and inspiring content underpinned by an increasingly appealing graphic style in permanent transformation.
  • Finally, we also take the opportunity to announce that this year will be highlighted by the release of our 100th edition, a number that will be of special significance not just for the whole team, but also for our entire community of contributors and loyal readers who have become an integral part of our history.
  • For now, we invite you to immerse yourself in the following pages in a leisurely fashion and revisit them whenever you wish, after all, this our main purpose: to endure in life and time.



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