Attitude 117: Graceful

  • In this globalised world we live in, synchronised by an invisible network that connects us, we sometimes yearn to return to those leisurely mornings that comfort and warm our souls and allow us to better savour the day that lies ahead. A voice that appeals to a sense of calm.
  • Graceful is the theme that has brought us a breath of fresh air and encouraged us to discover different points of departure, or arrival, in an epic of inspiration that celebrates the art of balance; a gentle Spring guides us through landscapes of tranquillity, with hints of both enjoyment and retreat.
  • We have allowed ourselves to be carried away by a mix of stimuli, lured by a reinterpretation of contemporaneity to the rhythm that moves us. That’s why this issue encourages us to gracefully appreciate new and surprising destinations that capture the harmonisation of art and nature, filling the pages that lie ahead with new voices sharing their stories with us.
  • In the artistic field, as a transversal language of our editorial approach, we allowed ourselves to be soothed by the Cuban rhythms of René Francisco and anticipated the eagerly awaited Venice Biennial, a highlight in the calendars of those who fill their diaries with art. We met Vasco Fragoso Mendes and Manuel Conde who, with mastery and resourcefulness, express their art in uplifting and illuminating pieces and environments.
  • And as usual, our itinerary took in homes that embrace us and crackle warmly in a process of authentic sharing, of tender and deeply charming moments.



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