16 / 01 / 2020
It was upon returning to Bali, after more than a decade living in the United States, that Elora Hardy decided to steer her professional life in a new direction, set on promoting Balinese craftmanship, tradition and culture.

The desire to create inspiring spaces and experiences, in perfect communion with nature, encouraged her to found the IBUKU architecture studio. Surrounded by a talented team of artisans and designers, she focusses on residential and hospitality projects, as well as the creation of furniture, with a commitment to combining sustainability and innovation.

In what way did being raised in Bali influence your own personal development and the work that you do today?
IBUKU collaborates with teams of skilled bamboo craftsmen, many of whom are descended from generations of wood and stone carvers. Balinese culture fosters craftsmanship. It values the artisan. I grew up in a world filled with these values and the products of this culture. Their age-old traditions are now evolving in line with new designs that are built almost entirely by hand in IBUKU’s work. I returned to Bali in 2010 and, inspired by my childhood, the culture and landscape, I made a commitment to helping Balinese artisans cultivate their incredible skills with the goal of making Bali a global center for bamboo building, sustainability and innovation.

Read the full interview on Attitude 91 printed edition. 
For more information, visit studio IBUKU website.  

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