• Renate Graf


30 / 01 / 2020
Her path in photography began 25 years ago, nevertheless Graf doesn’t see herself as a photographer, but the images created by her betray this definition, as they are cinematographic and photogenic, without losing a sense of poetry. Her last show “The Photographer’s chronicles” are photographs documenting life, almost a diary of Renate Graf ’s own private world, where “thoughts become images” as the title of the large- scale exhibition held in Lisbon in 2019 describes. In her work you find a kind of rawness, a severe look that forces you to see the images as a synthetic and analytic reading of life. The scale of the photographs has a strong connection to the scale of the subject portrayed.

How do you describe the path to creation 20 years of trips, 20 years of images?
The pictures are an extension of the images in my head accompanied by texts of poems and my favourite books. It’s a combination of references that, perhaps, help me to sail through the world on an inner journey and an outer one. And I try to combine the two journeys, to absorb and to map them. A mapping of the world as I see it and with each artistic approach I share that vision.

Read the full interview on Attitude 91 printed edition. 
For more information, visit Renate Graf website.
Words: Verónica de Mello + Alda Galsterer (REDE art agency) 

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