• Numeroventi


04 / 03 / 2020
It was after much wandering around Europe, driven by the absence of a physical space in Florence that could provide an outlet for his artistic potential, that the entrepreneur Martino di Napoli Rampolla conceived this creative retreat that could bring contemporary art and design together in an environment encouraging a profound disconnection with the outside world and fostering the collaborative spirit. In 2016, in partnership with Alessandro Modestino Ricciardelli, Numeroventi was inaugurated, a multi-disciplinary project comprising artistic residences, spaces for co-working and exhibition areas and which has already established itself as a major artistic residence in the region, appealing to artists and travellers from all around the world.

The bridging of past and present is perfectly established through the contrast between the historical character of the building – a palace dating back to the early 16th Century – and the minimalist Nordic-inspired appearance of its interiors, designed by Andrew Trotter.

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For more information, visit Numeroventi website.
Photography: Marina Denisova
Words: Inês Graça 

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