• Bafenbao Restaurant

    Bafenbao Restaurant

    In the historic city of Zhenjiang, Bafenbao Restaurant — which is part of a group of sophisticated restaurants in the region — was inaugurated in February 2024, following the refurbishment of what is the Chinese chain’s second location in this city.  
  • Gilreu


    Inspired by the Atlantic’s infinity and conceived to welcome all its guests, Gilreu offers the perfect base for the discovery of nature and the city of Porto.
  • Villa Inkognito

    Villa Inkognito

    When Per Henrik Barclay bought this plot of land in 1752 to build his summer house, he named it ‘Inkognito’ as a tribute to the seclusion and peace he found in this secluded part of Oslo.  
  • Lost Lindenberg

    Lost Lindenberg

    In Pekutatan, a small Hindu village not far from Bali, there is a secret concealed by a huge wall with neon signs (the work of Tobias Rehberger).  
  • Vasco Fragoso Mendes

    Vasco Fragoso Mendes

    In Australia, Vasco Fragoso Mendes combined top-level rugby with architecture. It was here that he found his inner self in a visceral language of architecture, design and carpentry, embodied in objects of profound humanity. 
  • Intimacy with the landscape

    Intimacy with the landscape

    Longbranch was designed to be discreetly integrated into nature. So inconspicuously that it was almost forgotten, but the owners stood up for it and studio mwworks designs brought it back to life.  
  • Beautiful Nature

    Beautiful Nature

    This home in Denmark is an inner journey, like a warm embrace, as unique as the hands that shaped it, expressing the stories of those who live in it and then recounted by Alexandra Novo.  
  • Anest Collective

    Anest Collective

    The new Anest Collective store — a project designed by Waterfrom Design — embodies refinement and simplicity, a groundbreaking union between fashion, art and architecture. 
  • Descanso


    Contemporary artist and video director Iván Argote of Colombian origin but based in Paris presents a provocative work at the biennale gardens that leads us to reflect on this curatorial line proposed for the most recognized biennale in the art world.  
  • De Witt

    De Witt

    By turns, formerly a convent, a school, a laboratory, The Movies and, currently, the De Witt Restaurant. This historic building has led many lives and, through the hands of Studio Modijefsky — which has breathed new life into the building without stripping it of the lives it has already lived — a vibrant destination has been born that brings together culinary delicacies and cinematic experiences. 
  • Arbaso Hotel

    Arbaso Hotel

    At Arbaso, everything is Euskadi! Located in the historic heart of San Sebastián, just a stone’s throw from the neo-Gothic Buen Pastor cathedral, the Arbaso hotel — meaning “ancestors” in Basque — is the epitome of a people, its origins and traditions, its culture and gastronomy. 
  • Atelier D'Offard

    Atelier D'Offard

    François-Xavier Richard, founder of Atelier d’Offard, blurs the boundaries between art, design and handicrafts. A polymorphous craftsman, a revolutionary with a scientific and artistic background, he has been busy reinventing the meaning of wallpaper, the mirror of a universal aesthetic.  



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