• Alexander & Co

    Alexander & Co

    They are a working community consisting of architects and designers who believe in the spirit of a place and who create beautiful, timeless spaces with a purpose.
  • Embracing Memory

    Embracing Memory

    Touchingly, Meinke Flesseman gives her recent home the family name of the former owners of Palacete Belchior. 
  • Niepoort N Collectors

    Niepoort N Collectors

    “Rolf and The Collectors is a tribute to Dirk’s father who was a fantastic collector: he collected corkscrews, keys, typewriters, stamps, and so on.” 


    “We use technology to understand the principles of nature and to recreate the way it makes us feel. This is the only way we can change our behaviour.” 
  • Antologia


    With Antologia, art comes home through colour.
  • The Madrona Hotel

    The Madrona Hotel

    Imagine yourself on one of those perfect summer days, wearing light and cool clothes, surrounded by good friends with your only worry being not to let the wine glass run dry. 
  • Mariana Schmidt

    Mariana Schmidt

    From the fleeting to the permanent, and from São Paulo to the world, MNMA Studio’s approach is rooted in drawing as narrative, and is centred on the subtlety of everyday life and on architecture as a catalyst for experiences. This year, Lisbon will be home to one of its projects, a café/grocery store in Madragoa. 
  • Connubia Reef by Levi’s

    Connubia Reef by Levi’s

    With a limited edition of just 100 pieces, the "Connubia Reef by Levi's®" armchair is the outcome of the irreverent spirit seen in both the brands, combining tradition and innovation while creating timeless and contemporary products. 
  • A dive into the deepest Alentejo

    A dive into the deepest Alentejo

    In Grândola, surrounded by the Alentejo province yet emerging from the horizontal landscape, Casa Azul, which embraces an earthy colour, is all about poetry, art and mindfulness. The architectural project is by Ricardo Bak Gordon. 
  • The Other Side

    The Other Side

    Our childhood memories contain within them a unique load of dreams entangled with memories of lives within lives.  
  • Lines of Intersection

    Lines of Intersection

    Those who know Felipa Almeida are aware of her profound passion for objects and what lies behind them: the importance they play in the construction of our rituals and memories. 


    With more than 25 years of international career behind her, Katharina Grosse is renowned for her work and interventions with spray paint on existing buildings and objects, as well as for the structures she builds herself. 



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