• Atelier HA

    Atelier HA

    They met while they were students at the École Camondo and, even then, they had mapped out a future together; they wanted to start an atelier and create projects that told stories.  
  • Bold Opulence

    Bold Opulence

    Facing Foz, with a 360° view, the house encompasses the Douro River and the sea, which floods the horizon. Stepping inside, we discovered the signature of the Perímetros AD studio. 
  • BBT Hilltop

    BBT Hilltop

    At first glance, it looks just like any other petrol station, but upon closer inspection you realise it’s much more than that.
  • Artful living

    Artful living

    In the southeastern United States, interior designer Betsy Brown created a refined and peaceful paradise of photography and vintage treasures for an avid collector. 
  • Monte da Bela Raposa

    Monte da Bela Raposa

    Françoise Baudry, originally from Northern Europe, was born into a family of artists, went on to study music in Vienna and specialised in painting restoration. She has lived in Belgium, Vienna, Paris and chose to settle in Portugal more than 30 years ago. Over the years, she has developed various projects related to antiques, restoration, interior decoration and landscaping. 
  • Josafat Zalapa

    Josafat Zalapa

    “I trust you” or “chef ’s choice”. This is the meaning of the Japanese word “omakase”, the concept chosen by Josafat Zalapa for his restaurant located in the heart of the city of Morelia, Mexico. 
  • Paradisaea


    Although it has been open since September 2022, it actually all started before that, when Eric and Zoe Kleinbub bought the iconic Piano Building in the La Jolla Boulevard neighbourhood — an architectural landmark designed by William Kesling in 1949 — and preserved to this day.  
  • Hoormem


    It was Horst Rittel, a German design theorist and university professor, who once said that “Softness, as an expression of aesthetics, has the power to improve our lives”. It was precisely this idea that inspired the Cun Panda Nana interior design studio to design the Hoormem Muscle Research Aesthetics Centre. 
  • Mimco


    Mimco has joined forces with the Studio Doherty team. The new flagship store of the Australian luggage, accessories and jewellery brand has arisen from this partnership. 
  • Dahlia


    Right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a lounge bar bearing the name of a flower has emerged. Dhalia is the new intimate space at the Proper Downtown L.A. hotel.  
  • Hotel Hércules

    Hotel Hércules

    In the valley where the neighbourhood of Hercules nestles, no new worlds have been invented; instead, it is the patina of time that reveals the magic of reality.  
  • Eccentricities


    A house that, in its entirety, revisits the modern style of the 1950s.  



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