• Paradisaea


    Although it has been open since September 2022, it actually all started before that, when Eric and Zoe Kleinbub bought the iconic Piano Building in the La Jolla Boulevard neighbourhood — an architectural landmark designed by William Kesling in 1949 — and preserved to this day.  
  • Hoormem


    It was Horst Rittel, a German design theorist and university professor, who once said that “Softness, as an expression of aesthetics, has the power to improve our lives”. It was precisely this idea that inspired the Cun Panda Nana interior design studio to design the Hoormem Muscle Research Aesthetics Centre. 
  • Mimco


    Mimco has joined forces with the Studio Doherty team. The new flagship store of the Australian luggage, accessories and jewellery brand has arisen from this partnership. 
  • Dahlia


    Right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a lounge bar bearing the name of a flower has emerged. Dhalia is the new intimate space at the Proper Downtown L.A. hotel.  
  • Hotel Hércules

    Hotel Hércules

    In the valley where the neighbourhood of Hercules nestles, no new worlds have been invented; instead, it is the patina of time that reveals the magic of reality.  
  • Eccentricities


    A house that, in its entirety, revisits the modern style of the 1950s.  
  • Tactile Universe

    Tactile Universe

    In this paradise for the senses, touch reigns supreme. Yasmine Ghoniem has transformed a grey house into a universe of intense colours that flow among myriad materials. Welcome to Black Diamond.  
  • Studio Andrew Trotter

    Studio Andrew Trotter

    The focus of his ideas is to be found in simplicity and his great inspiration is to be found in a setting. But this isn’t minimalism, Andrew Trotter tells us, it’s more like a relaxed way of living, warmer and more human, in projects which are mostly born from the interior to the exterior and from their essence to their appearance.  
  • Liquid State

    Liquid State

    Sometimes it’s the place that chooses us and not the other way around. Promising conditions converge in such a way that the roles are inverted and the choice then becomes an inevitability.  
  • Rina Lovko

    Rina Lovko

    Rina Lovko is the mastermind behind her eponymous studio. Creative director, designer and lead architect, her approach to design is rooted in the aesthetics of minimalism, organic forms and natural colours, combining conciseness when creating harmonious and functional spaces, realising the balance of the elements. The alignment of simplicity and complexity is the key to her work, represented in multiple projects and ambiences.
  • Mona


    The House of Shila is a laboratory of emotions. The Greek studio focuses on the creation of experimental concepts of hospitality, discovering unique spaces which it converts into intimate narratives that whisk us away on sensorial voyages.  
  • Tropical Intimacy

    Tropical Intimacy

    In the search to find a new home for the family that, Ana Escárgaza and her husband found this chimerical space: a place that is welcoming, and where Art and Design merge into each other as a whole. 



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