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19 / 07 / 2019
The architects couple Fei and Chris Precht are dedicated to the creation of products, design, landscaping and architecture, adhering to the values of authenticity, ecology, flexibility and collaboration. We learned about the essence of this studio through the words of Chris Precht.

You live and work in the mountains close to Salzburg, but you have many projects in oriental countries. Do you feel there are big differences in creating projects for different cultures, or do you believe that architecture can be universal?
Chris Precht: To distance ourselves from the distractions of a city, the life on the countryside gives us a certain freedom to think and experiment. On a global level, architecture is universal because it needs to deal with similar topics whatever the place. For our generation, climate change is not just a potential risk; it is a reality. And the construction industry is the greatest C02 polluter. As architects, we have responsibilities that are greater than shape, style or academic theories. In contrast with all the other styles in history, we don’t need rules about beauty as much as we need some ethical and moral directives about what we build. To create constructions that connect with all our senses, with haptic materials, plants to smell and eat, and wild animals to listen to. And buildings which people care about, maintain and identify with.

Read the full interview on Attitude 88 printed edition. 
For more information, visit Precht Studio website.
Photography: Courtesy of Precht Studio
Words: Patrícia Ramos 

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