• Creek House


17 / 04 / 2020
Immersed in the natural landscape of Truckee, near Lake Tahoe in California, this new family house designed by Faulkner Architects is an elegant new form set against an imposing backdrop. The idea was to create an idyllic refuge that could bring together the inside and the outside, remaining as respectful as possible to its site.

The answer would end up taking shape through the creation of a property that cantilevers over boulders and rocks, where we uncover some intimate gardens and a “protective and ephemeral” swimming pool. Inside, large private areas are harmoniously connected with smaller communal areas finished in sober tones and marked by materials such as concrete, steel, and wood. In fact, the building provides the client with privacy desired, with the main entrance placed from the north.

As the team added, “a minimal palette of bluestone, ebonized rift sawn oak, concrete and white gypsum build a neutral interior environment that differentiates with the glowing landscape outside.” A preference that explains the client's initial intention to leave the site undisturbed, now complemented by the need to maximize solar exposure during winter and minimize heat gain from the west and east in summer. “The house is cooled by prevailing breezes that flow up and through the house from the west. Radiantly heated bluestone floors, solar-assisted domestic hot water and LED electric light further reduce energy demands.”

Apart from the kitchen, dining, living room, and the two bedrooms, the longitudinal home contains a flexible meditation space and a home office, spaces that reflect all the needs and wishes of its inhabitants.

For more information, visit Faulkner Architects website.
Photography: Joe Fletcher
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