• Hidden Colors


04 / 06 / 2018
It is in the center of Stockholm, in Sweden, that we find this surprising project. The surprise comes from the unconventional adaptation of the space: a former office space of a fashion brand acquired a residential function. The existing structure was maintained, and with it the strong personality of the place.

The 19th century space was defined by worn wooden floors and ornaments, in the form of stucco and carpentry, with three old tiled ovens. According to Note Design Studio, the practice behind this project, the team working on the residence decided to paint the old elements of the place in "thick layers of white color". Then, they added tones of the original color scale, such as green, pink and yellowish white from the three ovens and a mustard yellow that the studio found on a original 19th century door frame. The colors "worked as a bridge between the powerlful original hues, finally ending up with an 8-tone palette that originated from thehidden traces of the old apartment", they explained.

The division between the various areas of the house is visually made by the (minimal) distribution of furniture. "Since we aimed to disturb the original features of the apartment as little as possible, all new elements were placed in the spaces between the old ornaments", explained the interior architect Sanna Wåhlin. The result is a vivid and beautiful color experience, inspired by the original roots, with a sophisticated touch.  
A project by Note Design Studio.
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