• Timeless Serenity


31 / 05 / 2018
In this space's substance there is something ethereal, absolutely calming. The variations on grey and white define tbe sensitive atmosphere of this residence in Sydney’s North Bondi, in Australia.

Designed by Decus Interiors as a privileged space to celebrate life and the family, we find this home conceived for a busy professional. The client wanted a relaxed refuge that could simultaneously provide a calm and serene atmosphere but also the perfect place to gather, open to the regular presence of family and friends.

The answer would end up taking shape through an "organic modernism", explained the Australian practice, as they "wanted to create a clean, pared-back home that evokes the calming ocean views without competing with them". The one-level apartment was transformed into a duplex, with timeless and elegant details. The studio mentioned the preference for materials which could withstand the damp and corrosive effects, due to the coastal location of the house. Examples of this are the natural brass, the wicker, the smoked oak flooring or the statement stone. Regarding the chromatic range for the interiors, what stands out overall, are the muted tones in contrast with strong and vivid colours.

"We softened the spaces by adding curved elements to joinery and stairs. We designed built-in plinth joinery in the sitting room to offer additional seating when required for large family gatherings". That's why this home is so organic and profound... It's not just the choice of each piece that reveals discernment - the brass ribbon hand rail on the staircase is one of the designer's favourites - each design piece has its precise place.
A project by: Decus Interiors
Interior Design: Alexandra Donohoe Church - Founder & Managing Director
Location: Bondi, Sydney, Australia
Photography: Felix Forest
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