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06 / 06 / 2018
Conceived by the award-winning architectural firm Minarc, the premise was to design an efficient Accessory Dwelling Unit based on a "functional minimalism" and "Icelandic-inspired sustainability".

Plús Hús - Icelandic for 'Plus House' - is a 16'x 20' modern structure that can become whatever you want: a guest house, a home office, a yoga studio or the house of your dreams. In reponse to California's housing crisis and the easing of statewide regulations regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the design studio created a flat-packed pre-fab home that could promote sustainable development through architectural innovation. The use of sustainable building material mnmMOD shows exactly that: "Made in LA, the mnmMOD panel system was first marketed to the building trade as a wood alternative, since they are versatile, recyclable, and extremely energy efficient."

Clients can choose between three models: the “Plús Hús Open”, with three walls and a sliding glass door, the “Plús Hús Open+,” which includes the addition of a bathroom, and the “Plús Hús Full” which features a kitchen along the back wall.

According to the firm, there is almost no waste produced throughout fabrication, shipping, and construction processes and, due to the incorporation of mnmMOD, the structure eliminates the commom issues of termites and mold, has an extremely high insulation, which minimizes energy usage and associated costs, and will be completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle.
Prices start at $37,000, without site prep, delivery or installation.  
A project by Minarc.
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