• Remembering ATTITUDE 05

    José Pedro Brandão's Home, 2006


27 / 08 / 2015
José Mário Brandão is the owner of the renowned Porto (now in Lisboa) Lart gallery 'Graca Brandão'. The house contains six rooms and a small - lush garden. "I bought this place because I wanted it to house my personal art collection", recalls Zé Mario Brandão. Indeed, the house's marvelous feature is that the entire decoration is based on and revoves around the art he collected through the years, mainly of friends, with whom he generally works with at the gallery.
For José Mário Brandão, the art here has a functional role, namely to be used, breathed, heard and enjoyed.
For this special shoot of this issue, the owner gracefully handed over the production to Paulo Cassio, who has made a turn-over of the happily and freely placed objects and art, reorganizing the space to be essentially different in character to its original everyday state.
 Photos by Carlos Cezanne

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