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  • Throwback to ATTITUDE 04 of 2006

    Gerda e Nikolai Monies


25 / 08 / 2015
The story of Gerda and Nikolai Monies began in 1973, when they met each other at a school for goldsmiths, after which they had worked with Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Donna Karan, and many more . They have been partners in business and life ever since. Monies has two lines of jewelry.
Its difficult to explain what a Monies piece is since words such as spectacular, luxurious, original and unique do not come close to the real sensation of their jewelry. Nature is a guiding light in their work, because of the rare and natural materials they use, elegance and sophistication and grace are the end product. The usage of bones, stones, wood, amber originating from all over the world, as well as ancient pre-historic materials such as mastodon's and bear's teeth usually leads the couple to the final design. 
 Photos by Carlos Cezanne

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