• Tripod

    By LIKE Architects


03 / 06 / 2015
The installation Tripod by LIKE Architects was placed during a month at the Largo de São Domingos in Porto, and will now move to Largo da Rua Chã (from 6 June), with a new bright colour. "Tripod is an art installation designed as a tribute to two architecture elements, each of them imbued in the identity of the city of Porto: the stair and the balcony." Installed in a public space and with an interactive side, Tripod invites people to observe the city from an unexpected perspective.

We recover here an article published on Attitude 55 (January-February 2014) about LIKE Architects, written by Virgínia Capoto.

They have brought new blood to Portuguese architecture, which has already received international recognition.
Created in 2010, the LIKEarchitects studio, breathes experimentalism, provocation and subversion. Interventions of, among other things, an ephemeral nature are part of a collective committed to exploring the possibilities of space and material.
Diogo Aguiar, João Jesus and Teresa Otto graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Oporto. After their initial experiences in other practices, they said LIKE to a common destiny. 

The “enormous desire” to see their own projects materialise led to them to starting on a small scale. By taking an ephemeral approach, they said were able to react to the “conventions and constraints that have inhibited constructive solutions and even the conceptual approaches from other types of practice”, proposing a type of architecture that is more “dynamic and (pro)active.”
The Temporary Andy Warhol Museum (Lisbon, 2013) or the Fountain Hacks project for the European Capital of Culture 2012 in Guimarães (Performance Architecture prize) are examples of installations that make architecture and art converge and, especially, how they present a “differentiating special consequence.”
Meanwhile, LIKEarchitects has been embracing other challenges, dimensions and timescales. Distinguished by the Archdaily Building of the Year 2010 and Leonardo - Minsk Biennale of Young Architects 2013, among others, they are currently involved in a variety of projects. Some examples are, the digital lounge for the Sonae Sierra shopping centres (whose prototype, ‘hofgarten ON’, was recently launched, in Germany, as its world premiere), the world headquarters of a micro-electric company or a new restaurant/bar in Oporto. There are also invitations for work from Spain, Belgium and Macau. The experimental character, the powerful image and refinement of the work and its disruptive discourse are the hallmark of this practice, providing pertinent and diverse work with a strong visual impact.
Photography: José Campos

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