• Metro

    Photo series by Chris Forsyth


08 / 06 / 2015
 Montreal-based architecture photographer Chris Forsyth has been developing a photo series about the overlooked architecture and design of the city’s metro system. 
“My objective with the collection is to show people that beautiful architecture and design is accessible to everyone”, explains the photographer. An architecture enthusiast, Chris Forsyth studied the history behind Montreal’s metro system, made up of 68 stations every one of them designed by a different architect. The system started to be developed in the 1960s and new stations were added in the following decades, becoming a collection of many architectural styles and trends. 
Chris Forsyth wants to shed a light on the cultural value of Montreal’s metro system, by capturing photographs of the stations so that locals and others can recognize its historical interest. For now, the photo series can be seen on his website and instagram account. 

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