• Silo House

    Christoph Kaiser


19 / 03 / 2015
Architect Christoph Kaiser faced the challenge of designing a confortable and functional home from a 1950s' grain silo.

With a circular plan space, it was necessary to find a solution that allowed to incorporate the basic components of a house. Therefore, Kaiser took advantage of the volume's high ceiling, and constructed a two-story structure using wood and iron. This structure incorporates storage space in the bedroom on the top floor, and the kitchen and bathroom area on the ground floor. “This approach maximizes construction efficiency, usable floor space, and the perceived spatial volume of the interior”, says Kaiser.

An ample sliding door gives access to the house, but also lets the natural light in – as it happens with the narrow top-to-floor window on the opposite extreme end of the silo.

Photography: Mark Lipczynski

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