• Babaji

    A new Turkish restaurant with a design by Autoban


20 / 03 / 2015
The Turkish restaurant Babaji recently opened in the London Soho neighbourhood. The interior design project was developed by Istanbul design studio Autoban.

Autoban brought some elements from the traditional Turkish culture, but with a contemporary approach. The walls and ceiling are covered with vivid blue tiles, designed specially for this project, and hand-made in Istanbul - in one of the few workshops that still produce this good. Marmora marble veins inspired the tile design and were engraved into the ceramic surface.

The furniture on one side of the restaurant was developed exclusively for Bababji, with the exception of a few existing pieces form Autoban's collections.

Located in a building from the end of the19th century, the restaurant’s façade is sober in order to integrate with the existing context.

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