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  • 'Resilient' by António Sérgio Strecht


07 / 08 / 2018
“Resilient” is the name of the most recent exhibition of António Sérgio Strecht, born in Bragança, that finds in Trás-os-Montes and in the daily life of the people his main source of inspiration. From the 11th to the 25th August, Clube de Bragança will host the last documental project of the photographer, whose main ambition is to make this a truly traveling exhibition.

After the exhibition Intrépido (Intrepid), what can we expect from this photographic project?
This exhibition is called Resilente (Resilient), which is the basis of my photographic work during this year, where I want to show the resilience of the human being.

Which are your main sources of inspiration?
In the beginning, names like Heni Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau inspired my work, also when I start exploring the surrealism of Man Ray. Then, I felt like I was starting to define my own style, by picturing people’s daily life. A huge part of my photos are taken on the street, from random people I see, I prefer this register.

Why the choice of this place?
This club in Bragança is an emblematic building that has always hosted different artistic manifestations. The building is located in the center of Bragança, and with this exhibition, we also want to bring more people to the historical center of the city.
At what point did photography become more than just a hobby in your life?
I always enjoyed photography, when I was a child my parents were constantly taking me pictures in several moments. I had a camera but I didn’t understand how was I supposed to work with it until I was 29, in 2011, when I decided to start studying Art and Design, where I improved this knowledge. I’ve always been curious so I started exploring the world of photography through silkscreen, cyanotype, lab and many others techniques such as reproduction and printing. In 2016, I started a rehabilitation project of a building that belonged to the Abade de Baçal, part of the cultural tourism in Bragança, which I hope to conclude soon, and since I had some extra time, I started to dedicate more time to photography. Meanwhile, I did some photographic exhibitions in some unlikely places but I think that I was when I did the Interpid exhibition, that I felt more comfortable with photography.

Future projects that you can reveal?
My main goal is to make Resilient a roadshow, and be able to take this exhibition to some national and international cities.

A project by António Sérgio Strecht.
Location: Clube de Bragança
Duration: from 11th to 25th August 

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