• Intriguing Elegance


08 / 08 / 2018
Leaping Creative has delivered a new restaurant in Guangzhou, in China, an extension of its renowned lifestyle store brand The Fashion Door. As the architectural studio explained, “space should indicate the brand’s fashion sense and, at the same time, provide its customers with an unordinary dining experience.” The inspiration for the language of design used here came from fashion designers and “their love for black and white”, as well as their trick of using dots, lines, and planes.

With a markedly black and white backdrop, the décor and furniture of the place enhance the minimal and intriguing soul of the space - among the highlights are the presence of lights covered with black gloves and black wires bent to form some “fashion quotes” on the white wall.

In the corner, we uncover a group of black spheres floating out of a mysterious door that was left unlatched. “The bright yellow colour that appears from the crack, inserts in the conceptual scenery of black and white, inferring the existence of a parallel world hidden behind the door”, explained the practice. Inside, we find a funny installation made with eggs, the main ingredient of the menu, and also the protagonist of this hidden corner. According to the studio, the main goal was to create an “unexpected humorous scene that can be found on the other side of the window when people are wandering around the TFD store.”
A project by Leaping Creative.
Photography: Zaohui Huang
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