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  • International Congress Centre in Dakar

    A project by Tabanlioglu Architects from Turkey


11 / 02 / 2015
Opened just in time to receive the 15th Francophone Assembly, the new International Congress Centre in Dakar was developed by Tabanlioglu Architects from Turkey. 

The Baobab tree, that can be found throughout Senegal, served as an inspiration and starting point for the building's project. These trees are considered as historical monuments by the Senegalese ministry of Culture, given its importance in the local context. With trunks that can reach impressive 25 meters width and a longevity of more than 1000 years, the Baobab are a symbol of the country. 
The Baobab’s were therefore the inspiration for the building's architecture, having as an important element a one-piece roof, that connects all the separated volumes below it. “The roof gives shelter in the same way that an ancient Baobab would”, say the architects at Tabanlioglu. “This accentuates the notion of community and foundation-creation, duration-continuity and harmony-order, in both social and environmental realms.”
Positioned atop a water mirror, the whole structure seems to float in the landscape. The sides are covered by a metallic mesh, that reflects the sky and the surroundings in the building's façade. This element also blocks the hot sun light, and, at the same time, offers visibility to the exterior, making the building energetically efficient. 

Built in only 11 months, the International Congress Centre in Dakar already made history for the swiftness of its construction. 
Photography: Emre Dorter

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