• Kaari Collection

    By Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Artek


19 / 03 / 2015
The French Ronan and Erwin Bouroullec presented on the latest Stockholm Furniture Fair, the line Kaari for Artek. Having as their starting point a supportive triangular element, the duo developed a collection that comprises round and rectangular tables, desk, wall console and shelves.
This is Bouroullec's first collaboration with Artek, and the brand challenged them to design pieces that would introduce some novelty to the brand’s catalogue, while at the same time, having the recognizable Artek style.

The pieces we find on Kaari – meaning arch in Finish - collection are apparently simple being based on the same geometric element, but offer an enormous versatility. Composed by a vertical support made of wood, reinforced with a bent steel banding, that gives it the triangular shape that is the base for the entire range. Therefore, even tough it is quite solid, the structure has an extremely light appearance. «When several tables are present in the same room, their silhouettes have a rhythmic effect, making the otherwise static world of tables seem to vibrate», can be read on Artek's press release. 
©Studio Bouroullec for Artek
© Artek

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