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14 / 05 / 2019
A passion for «aesthetically stunning solutions” defines the landmark of YoDezeen, a Ukrainian studio that sets their work apart through unexpected combinations of contemporary styles, enhanced by the power of a strong architectural vision. From private projects to commercial ones, Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf’s work subtly combines a timeless and high-end design. We talked with them to find more about their rich portfolio.

What led you to establish your own practice and when?
YoDezeen was established in 2011 by architects and fellow students Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf. We studied together at the faculty of architecture of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and, after the first year of education, we decided to work together under one small project. Three years later, we had our own office with one employee and literally in half a year, our team consisted of five people. Officially, YoDezeen was established in 2011.

What is the hallmark of a project designed by YoDezeen?
Combining elements that have never been combined - that is our force and passion. We work in a wide variety of contemporary styles and offer a custom multi-disciplinary approach to high-end design. YoDezeen’s signature is a unique laconic style, the distinctive features of which are the architectural vision of the space, clear minimalistic lines, the abundance of air, light scenarios (thoughtful arrangement of lighting devices and controls), the use of natural materials and well-designed work with color.
How would you describe “the secret recipe” for a good restoration project?
Your object must be eternal, like Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. For example, we apply trends in decorative elements, which can be replaced at any time with new ones and everything will look trendy again. We also use natural materials that are not tied to time.

In what way private projects are different from commercial projects?
We had different projects: housing, restaurants and offices but only hotels combine the whole range of functions. In hotels, people come for emotion. When you make a residential interior, the customer often stops you, saying "if it were at a hotel... Yes, but this is a house. I will live here, and this may be impractical and I may be getting tired of it". And hotel owners understand that they have to stand out for something so you can afford more creativity.
What is absolutely fundamental to being an architect/designer?
In architecture, it is extremely important to be a fan of your business, to love it and give 100 percent to all, only then you become a real architect or designer. You have to feel the needs of the modern world, be sure to have own personality, philosophy, and style.

Do you have any project on hold that you would like to return to?
The hotel complex in Croatia. It is in stasis now, because of some problems with permits from the community of that region.

For more information, visit YoDezeen website.
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