Attitude 105: Memory

  • In an edition dedicated to the theme of Memory, our aim was to bring to the following pages creative approaches that stand out not only due to their autobiographical nature but, more importantly, because of their timelessness, taking us back to eras, places and emotions that, no matter how removed they might be, remain relevant and contemporary.
  • Among locations steeped in small details and projects that are the ultimate expression of their chefs and owners, be prepared to delve into the eloquence of great eras, revisit childhood memories and bear witness to a range of world views that take on a life within private homes, restaurants, hotels, galleries and musical options that we urge you to discover in the pages that follow.
  • We bring you all of this in a register that is as intimate and familiar as possible, seeking to prioritise first-hand accounts and to reveal the voice of a community of better and less-known creators, established in Portugal, as well as in cities such as London and Los Angeles, where we had the chance to discover the colourful pieces by British Bethan Laura Wood, or modernist architecture that merges into the most inhospitable (yet enviable) Californian landscapes, created by the American partners Woods + Dangaran.
  • Be it to reinvigorate the mind or simply disconnect from the rest of the world, indulge now in moments of pure inspiration, taking your own sweet time, from the first page to the last. Stalling time, despite the fact that we are so often hostage to it, is not only the intention of our Mood section, but of this whole issue.
  • In an edition where, above all, we have sought to promote the cultural, political and social legacy of a new and promising generation of creators, we dare say that the stories contained within will linger forever in our memory. And hopefully in our readers’ also.



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