Attitude 104: Promenade

  • Inspired by the indulgent pleasure of long strolls through Nature, we welcome spring with an edition that encourages us to make new and surprising detours outdoors. Rather than simply offering a differentiated exploration of the biodiversity of Nature, we have tried to capture the beauty of its textures and gradations, filling the following pages with evocative visual references whose main source of inspiration comes from the botanical universe.
  • While being mindful of the need for a sustainable outlook, here you will find a variety of projects and protagonists that have the ability to absorb the noise and vegetation of their surroundings, shunning the hectic pace that is so common in our daily lives.
  • In our Places section, we journey to the Asian and American continents, attracted by a refreshing assortment of stores, hotels and restaurants that you will definitely want to bear in mind when planning a future getaway. Our usual compilation of private settings includes a privileged glimpse of Madonna’s former home in Portugal, an eclectic universe who Ricardo Pinho – its owner – was keen to share with us for the first time.
  • If, on the one hand, the gardens designed by Spanish landscape architect Fernando Martos succeed in perfectly materializing this natural enhancement, there are also other names, like the Polish designer Marcin Rusak but also Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler – the Melbourne-based artistic partners – who seek to go further by developing organic and delicate pieces that urge us to reflect on social and environmental issues.
  • And what better backdrop than nature itself to indulge in the following pages? Whether in the nearest park or by the sea, lulled by the sea air or the chirping of the birds, take the opportunity to absorb the tender rhythm of the spring season. We seldom feel its essence, but when we do, it is so profoundly uplifting.



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