Attitude 96: Raw

  • At a time when, more than ever before, it is vital to extol the organic, naturally imperfect beauty of all that surrounds us, encouraging us to foster a deeper connection with Nature and ourselves, it is through our theme ‘Raw’ that we bring you projects, people and places that, in some sense, rid themselves of superficial layers so as to embrace their authenticity.
  • What better way to accomplish this resolution than by travelling to the wondrous, and equally ebullient, Azores archipelago? The islands of São Miguel, Pico and Faial would provide the starting point for our island epic. Drawn by emerging talents, innovative projects and the ever-present energy of entrepreneurial voices, and traveling through areas that are disparate and exciting in equal measure – from photography, interior design, hotels, jewellery, perfumery or catering – we now seek to lend our voice to the creative manifesto of a region that goes well beyond its astonishing beauty and which, over the last five years, has witnessed a growth capable of preserving its most authentic – even enigmatic – side, like no other archipelago.
  • As part of our broader approach, we have also extended our creative forays into new horizons, bringing together projects that are connected by this indispensable quest for origins. We sought to maintain an in loco and artisanal register, a growing respect for tradition and the environment, and the pursuit of sustainability as a condition for harmony and longevity, and not just as a fad. We stopped in Kiev, where we learnt about the raw and admittedly imperfect handcrafted work of designer Victoria Yakusha; then in Mexico, where we seized the opportunity to revisit the Studio IMA gallery and studio, but also to delve into the interiors of Casa Naila, captivated by the inhospitable landscape. And then on to Amsterdam, where we explored the connection between gastronomy firmly grounded in ecological practices and the artisanal work behind the creation of unique tableware.

  • Finally, we would like to thank the wonderful invitation of the O Apartamento agency and Turismo dos Açores (without forgetting, the support and tireless assistance provided by both teams before, during and after our visit), which have inspired us to recount our experiences, with particular enthusiasm, over the coming pages.
  • Confident of the archipelago's inexhaustible potential and wealth, we will make this the first chapter of our Azorean adventure, in the hope that next year will be a more upbeat one, allowing us to continue seizing new dreams and opportunities.



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