• Home Atelier

    Milan, Italy


03 / 04 / 2020
Pietro Russo is a true master of Italian design, so much so that his singularity can be immediately perceived in the way he conceived his own home, integrated with his workshop and studio.

This triad, located in Città Studi, the important cultural and academic district of Milan, close to the Faculty of Architecture, extends over three floors. The first floor, of a more intimate nature, has a bedroom, closer, corridor and private bathroom. On the second floor one finds the studio/ showroom, with its living room, dining room, kitchen and an area dedicated to design. Finally, on the lower floor, we find his studio and workshop.

Admittedly unable to separate his work from his personal life, integrating his home and office was the way Pietro Russo found to reconciliate daily living with professional inspiration, since “both are so closely intertwined, it is difficult to separate them.”

Read the full story on Attitude 92 printed edition. 
For more information, visit Pietro Russo website.
Words: Patrícia Ramos
Photography: Filippo Bamberghi/Photofoyer 

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