• Casa Txai

    A house in Bahia by studio mk27


07 / 05 / 2015
In a paradisiac setting in Bahia rises Casa Txai, a construction that pays homage to the colourful vernacular houses from that region. The inspiration from the traditional merged with the lines of the modern Brazilian architecture, creating a unique space.
Turned to the beach, the house is elevated 13 meters above the sea level, and it’s possible to peek into the blue water in-between the treetops. The architecture project was developed by the Brazilian studio mk27 – with the team Marcio Kogan, Carolina Castroviejo and Gabriel Kogan – who designed a house with two floors that expand horizontally and don’t overlap. 
The social area is located on the lower floor in a large living room, prolonged by an ample balcony with a pool. The rooms’ areas are reserved to the second floor, where a terrace provides the best view over the coast. The access between these two areas is made through the outside of the house, a way to oblige the dwellers to feel the climate. Only local materials were used to construct this house, and were used in its pure state to age in the best conditions when facing the rigorous coastal tropical climate.
“The House Txai offers a radical experience of integration between the inside and out. It is a place to drink coconut water, swaying in the hammocks. The tropical atmosphere of Bahia impregnates all of the spaces and the contact with the garden is necessary in order to use the house, as it integrates the trajectories of quotidian life”, describe the architects at studio mk27.
Photography: Fernando Guerra

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