• "Universo Particular"

    Juliana Pippi


Photography: Gabriela Daltro 
09 / 08 / 2021
The story of this apartment is a true love story... 
Juliana Pippi's love relationship with this house began when the architect was just 4 years old – “Me, my parents and my sister lived there. During my teenage years we moved to other apartments, but eventually we got back to where we started and at 14 I went back to live there. Since then I've wanted to build my life right there.”, she remembers.
Today, the architect has lost count of the renovations she made to the apartment. But now more than ever, she feels this is her “private universe”. The apartment, from the 80's, has 250m2 and is located in Beira-Mar, Florianopolis. In the latest renovations, the original floor plan was completely changed, integrating the living, dining and kitchen environments. The furniture is an ode to Brazilian design. In the living area, the Kilin and Mole armchairs, by Sérgio Rodrigues, the Camadas sofa in linen Cambraia, signed by the architect, and a Thonet rocking chair, inherited from Juliana's mother, stand out. The Kitchen Island, measuring 3 meters by 1.40, is the center of the house. In addition to being extremely functional, this is where Juliana Pippi receives her friends. The guest bedroom, next to the living area, can be transformed into a TV room or library.
A little throughout the apartment, the light tones, woods and green details of the plants stand out, giving another life to this house. 
For more information, visit Juliana Pippi website.

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