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19 / 02 / 2020
It’s in the agreeable Broolink neighbourhood, in São Paulo, that we uncover one of the most recent projects by the Brazilian practice FCstudio. Conceived to accommodate a family that lived in the Netherlands for several years, the main premise was to give it a more contemporary language, creating a place where the owners could find again references from the Dutch culture and design.

This way, it was crucial that the residence expressed the needs of each member (the couple and their two daughters), and this requirement led to the development of different spaces, through the creation of four programmatic boxes. Preserving the imposing original structure – featuring high ceilings - we find a first area, composed by the entrance hall and access to the toilet, that brings together a collection of Dutch miniatures, enhancing the connection with the country. This first box is followed by the dining area, that separates the kitchen from the living room, and then we uncover the other two boxes: one in the mezzanine, with the home office, and the other one is the bookcase of the playroom.

Another priority was to maintain the chromatic scheme and the consistency of the materials all over the residence, opting for neutral and warm wood tones. This is why this house translates the family's emotional desires into interior design, at the same time considering its necessary and particular functionality”, Flavio Castro’s studio explains.

For more information, visit FCstudio website.
Photography: Pedro Kok 

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