• Theatrical Charm


04 / 09 / 2018
Situated in a small passageway in Barcelona’s upmarket Eixample district, Pur pays homage to Nandu Jubany’s art of cooking, one of Spain’s most celebrated chefs, where simple dinners become intimate performances, with the intimacy of a small theatre.

The purity of the space - also described on the restaurant’s name - and the capacity to provide a complete gastronomical experience were some of Lagranja’s main concerns, the Barcelona-based studio responsible for the design.

In order to reach it, the studio chose a language of hand crafted materials and processes that celebrate Catalonia’s culinary richness. Some of the highlights are the state of the art kitchen, marble bar and the oversized plate-up area but also the creation of 200 casts with fresh foodstuffs - seafood, fish and various fruits and vegetables - that were left unpainted.

On the lower-ground floor, we uncover Impur, a charming and intimate bar, perfect for a late-night cocktail. “Strong claret tones in various materials set the scene for light-hearted decadence at the bar area”, added the studio.  
For more information, visit Lagranja website.  

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