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  • Villas in Sardinia: An Encounter between Generations


31 / 08 / 2018
More than 40 years after the Italian architects Ferdinando Fagnola and Gianni Francione designed a complex of homes on the serene and heavenly island of Sardinia, Fagnola invited the PAT practice, with its youthful style, to play a role in this unique refurbishment.

As if bursting out of the ground, the renovated Villas in Sardinia express – as a group – a single idea, provided by the two different generations who have given them renewed vitality and spatial qualities, as well as environmental awareness and the community spirit that underpinned the original architectural project.

Read the full interview on Attitude 83 printed edition. 
A project by Ferdinando Fagnola + PAT.
Photography: Pino Dell’Aquila
Words: Patrícia Ramos 

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