• Timeless Scandinavian simplicity


07 / 05 / 2017
The sublimation of timeless values is the refinement of innovation. Based on this premise, Norm Architects, the multidisciplinary studio
in Copenhagen, presents creations inspired by Scandinavian tradition. Architecture, product design and photography are work tools which enrich beauty and simplicity, being immune to ephemeral fads, as revealed in this interview.

ATT: You cover all the scales, from architecture to the creation of pieces of jewellery...

NA: We love working in various areas and applying our knowledge of different scales to everything that we do. When we designed this house, we created personalised furniture and elements that enhance the architectural intuition and reinforce the essence of the space, and our passion for scale is essential to our work. 

Read the full story on Attitude 75 printed edition.
Text: Virgínia Capoto
Photos: Courtesy Norm Architects 

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