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  • Burel Couture: Josefinas inspired by the Portuguese material


07 / 11 / 2016
Josefinas just reinvented Burel, a typical Portuguese material, 100% wool and, due to its manufacturing process, it´s naturally waterproofed.

A long time ago, shepherds from the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela needed to keep themselves warm and dry during the winter time, so they invented a technique that transformed wool into this natural fabric.

Josefinas show, in its manifesto, le savoir faire always on the quest for the best made in Portugal – and they found it in the past. They are inspired by the talent and knowledge of all the national artisans and the art that passed down from generation to generation.

Burel was almost forgotten. This is a story about a forgotten fabric and a woman that brought it back to life. Reinvented under a couture perspective, Burel brings to life four new Josefinas’ models. The collection Burel Couture is available online, on the brand’s official website, and on the flagship Josefinas’ store, in New York.

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