• The Apartment


03 / 11 / 2016
Here we are in one of the most agreeable cities in northern Europe, Copenhagen, and we have crossed the Knippelsbro bridge, in the direction of the Christianshavn district, where we find lively cafes and restaurants in a laid-back atmosphere, set amid 18th century houses oozing charm.

It’s in precisely one of these houses that we come across The Apartment, a multifaceted space which works as a store, showroom and design and decoration studio, conceived by Tina Seidenfaden Busck. This luminous apartment has been elegantly restored, revealing itself as an extension of the home on the upper floor, where Tina lives with her husband and children.

After a decade working on the auction house circuit and, later, at a contemporary Danish art gallery, Tina decided to capitalise on her own experience in buying art and design by opening, in 2011, the doors to a space that she conceived in her own image – The Apartment.  

Read the full story on the 71 Attitude issue November - December.
Text: Joana Jervell
Photos: Courtesy of The Apartment  

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